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Mode Session Authors Title
Poster 017B 5.1 Akpan, A.E., Veeraswamy, K., Harinarayana, T. Broadbased assessment of spatial distribution of crustal conductance anomalies in the Indian shield from magnetotelluric and gravity data
Poster 277O 5.1 Antashchuk, K., Saraev, A., Lichachev, A. Joint interpretation of MT, gravity and magnetic surveys along a regional profile (Chukotka Peninsula)
Poster 025B 5.1 Bage, A.K., Maurya, V. P., Shalivahan, Singh, S., Tripathi, A. Preliminary magnetotelluric results over Rajmahal traps
Poster 260N 5.1 Ben Mansour, W., England, R.W., Moorkamp, M. Crustal imaging across the Northern Scandinavian Mountains from seismological and magnetotelluric data analysis
Poster 262N 5.1 Cherevatova, M., Smirnov M. Yu., MaSca WG Geoelectric structure of the north-west Fennoscandian crust as inferred from magnetotelluric array. Magnetotellurics in the Scandes (MaSca project)
Poster 001A 5.1 Cuma, M., Gribenko, A., Zhdanov, M.S. Inversion of magnetotelluric data using integral equation approach with variable sensitivity domain: application to EarthScope MT data
Poster 011A 5.1 Dong, Z., Tang, J., Unsworth, M., Chen, X. Electrical resistivity structure of Northeastern China: Implications for the mechanism of craton destruction
Poster 009A 5.1 Duan, J. AusLAMP - searching Australia’s deep Earth
Poster 270N 5.1 Garcia Juanatey, M. A., Juhlin, C., Ping, Y. Broadband magnetotellurics for the study of orogenic processes
Poster 328S 5.1 González-Castillo, L., Junge, A., Galindo-Zaldívar, J.,Löwer, A. Sea influence of a narrow strait connecting a large ocean and a small sea on LMT data: Gibraltar Strait.
Poster 250M 5.1 Ivanova, K.A., Pushkarev, P.Y., Rybin, A.K., Palenov, A.Y. New geomagnetic and magnetotelluric studies of Issyk Kul depression (Kyrgyzstan)
Poster 304Q 5.1 Kapinos, G., Brasse, H. 3D conductivity image of the south-central Chilean subduction zone: Summary of Magnetotelluric studies between latitudes 38°-41°S
Poster 326S 5.1 Löwer, An., Günther, T., Junge, A., Grinat, M., Hering, P. Multi-method approach to analyze shallow anisotropic structures
Poster 274N 5.1 Madarasi, A., Rádi, K. Conductors in the crust in Hungary
Poster 246M 5.1 Martí, A., Padilha, A. L., Pádua, M.B, Vitorello, I., Queralt, P., Ledo, J., Marcuello, A. Geoelectrical structure of the lithosphere in the northern Paraná Basin (Brazil)
Poster 324S 5.1 Montahaei, M., Habibian, B., Mansoori, I., Oskooi, B. Electrical anisotropy investigation at a continental margin in the south-central Chile, employing WAL rotational invariants
Poster 275O 5.1 Novák, A., Klébesz, R., Szabó, Cs., Wesztergom, V., Patkó, L., Liptai, N., Ádám, A., Semenov, V.Yu., Lemperger, I., Kis, A., Gribovszki, K. Combined geophysical (magnetotellurics) and geochemical results for determination of the Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary (LAB) beneath the Nógrád-Gömör volcanic field
Poster 290P 5.1 Rao, C.K., Jones, A.G., Moorkamp, M., Weckmann, U. Implications for the lithospheric geometry of the Iapetus suture beneath Ireland based on electrical resistivity models from deep-probing magnetotellurics
Poster 272N 5.1 Rokityansky, I.I., Babak, V.I., Tereshyn, A.V., Sokolova, E.Yu. Carpathian electrical conductivity anomaly (CECA): results and perspectives
Poster 035B 5.1 Rosell, O., Marcuello, A., Martí, A., Unsworth, M. The lithosphere in the Alberta province (Canada): considerations on the electrical anisotropy based on magnetotelluric data
Poster 279O 5.1 Semenov, V. Yu., Józwiak, W., Kovacikova, S., Ladanivskyy, B.T., Nowozynski, K., Novak, A., Pek J., Petrishchev, M.S. The modeling of the crust and upper mantle electrical conductivity around TESZ in Central Europe
Poster 019B 5.1 Singh, S., Maurya, V.P., Tripathi, A., Bage. A.K., Shalivahan Crustal structure beneath Chotanagpur gneissic complex
Poster 292P 5.1 Slezak, K., Jozwiak, W., Nowozynski, K., Hoffmann, N., Brasse, H., 3-D inversion of MT data to image the Variscan and Caledonian Deformation Fronts in NW Poland
Poster 033B 5.1 Stefaniuk, M., Cygal, A., Mackowski, T., Sada, M., Figula, J., Gorecki, W. Interpretation of sub-evaporatic and salt structures along Obrzycko – Zabartowo line based on magnetotelluric data supported by results of reflection seismic profiling
Poster 300Q 5.1 Tank, S.B., Tunçer, M.K., Ogawa, Y., Honkura, Y., Çelik, C., Tolak-Çiftçi, E., Matsushima, M. Three-dimensional resistivity structure of western Turkey by long period magnetotellurics
Poster 027B 5.1 Taveira, D.T., Fontes, S.L., La Terra, E.F., Miquelutti, L.G., Figueiredo, I. Some magnetotelluric images of Parana basin, Brazil
Poster 248M 5.1 Vital, L., La Terra, E., Fontes, S., Miquelutti, L., Figueiredo, I. Parecis basin characterization from magnetotelluric data
Poster 288P 5.1 Weckmann, U., Toelg, D., Ritter, O. Electrical conductivity of the Iapetus Suture Zone Scotland, revisited with 3D inversion
Poster 302Q 5.1 Yamaya, Y., Mogi, T. A comparative consideration of magnetotelluric 2-D and 3-D inversion using data observed in the Ishikari lowland, Hokkaido, NE Japan
Poster 258N 5.1 Yan, P., Andersson, M., Juanatey, M.A.G., Shan, C., Kalscheuer, T., Pedersen, L.B., Malehmir, A. 2D and 3D MT in the Alnö ring intrusion complex, central Sweden
Poster 003A 5.1 Yang, B., Egbert, G., Kelbert, A., Meqbel, N. Regional resistivity structure of North America Midcontinent Rift: preliminary results derived from 3D inversion of USArray magnetotelluric data
Oral 5.1 Löwer, A., Junge, A., Tietze, K. (An)isotropic 3D array magnetotelluric modeling of the south western Vogelsberg area
Oral 5.1 Robertson, K., Thiel., S, Heinson., G. The electrical lithosphere beneath the Flinders Ranges, South Australia
Oral 5.1 Dong, H., Wei, W., Ye, G., Jin, S., Jones, A.G. Magnetotelluric evidence of regional lithospheric modification in Ordos Block and adjacent area in North China
Oral 5.1 Tada, N., Tarits, P., Kasaya, T., Baba, K., Suetsugu, D., Utada, H. Three-dimensional electrical conductivity image of the mantle beneath the Society hotspot in the French Polynesia
Oral 5.1 Baba, K., Tada, N., Liang, P., Zhang, L., Shimizu, H., Utada H. Thermal and compositional variety of old oceanic upper mantle in northwestern Pacific revealed from marine magnetotelluric experiments
Oral 5.1 Bedrosian, P.A. Electrical resistivity structure of the Midwestern United States from EarthScope magnetotelluric data
Poster 209L 3.2 André, F., Lambot, S. Intrinsic modeling of electromagnetic induction antennas for improved estimation of soil properties
Poster 291P 3.2 Börner, R.-U., Ernst, O.G., Güttel, S. Three-dimensional transient electromagnetic simulation using Rational Krylov subspace projection methods
Poster 323S 3.2 Cai, J., Li, Y. 2.5D finite element modeling for time domain marine CSEM responses with topography
Poster 289P 3.2 Cherevatova, M., Egbert, G.D., Smirnov, M.Yu., Kelbert, A. A multi-resolution approach to 3-D EM modelling
Poster 245M 3.2 Chernyshev, A.V., Kamenetsky, F.M., Trigubovich, G.M., Kuklin, A.V. Induction and polarization field separation (modeling)
Poster 034B 3.1 Chernyshev, A.V., Kamenetsky, F.M., Trigubovich, G.M., Kuklin, A.V., Kovalsky, Ya.F. Induction and polarization field separation (case histories)
Poster 257N 3.2 Egbert, G.D., Smirnov, M.Yu. Development of a flexible object oriented 3D finite difference forward modeling code in MATLAB
Poster 325S 3.2 Ermolin, E., Ingerov, O., Fox, L. MTS and MVP data integration to estimate the 2D anomaly bodies parameters situated away from measuring profile
Poster 276O 3.2 Feng, Y., Wu, X., Wang, W., Liu, Y. Accelerating 3D geo-electric resistivity modeling using GPU cluster
Poster 299Q 3.2 Geraskin, A., Kuvshinov, A., Pankratov, O. New high-performance and scalable IE solver based on modern programming technologies
Poster 249M 3.2 Grayver, A.V., Bürg, M. Robust and scalable 3D magnetotelluric modeling using the goal-oriented adaptive finite-element method
Poster 211L 3.2 Guillemoteau, J., Sailhac, P., Trules, J., Boulanger, C. Fast 1D and 2D inversion of single offset ground loop-loop frequency domain electromagnetic data
Poster 247M 3.2 Han, B., Hu, X., Schultz, A. 3D forward modeling and 2.5D inversion of CSEM data: a synthetic study
Poster 223L 3.2 Hyodo, D., Mikada, H., Goto, T., Takekawa, J. Subsurface imaging of electromagnetic data by phase-shift method
Poster 012A 3.1 Kamenetsky, F.M., Trigubovich, G.M., Chernyshev, A.V. The geological medium induced polarization as an electromagnetic phenomenon
Poster 301Q 3.2 Kordy, M., Cherkaev, E., Wannamaker, P. Forward and inverse cross-frequency interpolation for magnetotellurics using adaptive model order reduction
Poster 018B 3.1 Kruglyakov, M.S., Dmitriev, V.I. On uniqueness in thin-sheet electromagnetic inversion
Poster 259N 3.2 Kruglyakov, M.S. On computing the volumetric integrals of the Green's tensor of the layered media
Poster 213L 3.2 Kusuda, K., Goto, T., Mikada, H., Takekawa, J. Fictitious wave domain analysis of marine CSEM sounding data
Poster 026B 3.1 Kuvshinov, A., Bakker, J., Pankratov, O. Electric phase tensors: revival of telluric method?
Poster 028B 3.1 Kuvshinov, A., Poedjono, B., Matzka, J., Olsen, N., Pai, S., Samrock, F. Marine induction studies based on sea surface scalar magnetic field measurements
Poster 237M 3.2 Li, J., Hu, X. 3D forward modeling for TEM based on electric field Helmholtz equation
Poster 269N 3.2 Li, Y., Li. G., Xu, Z., Liu, Y. EM fields from a finite-length electric source with general orientation in a layered Earth
Poster 287P 3.2 Linjiang, Q., Changfu, Y. Characteristics of MT responses in 2D conductivity anisotropic structures
Poster 271N 3.2 Luo, M., Li., Y., Liu, Y. 2.5D controlled-source electromagnetic modeling by an adaptive finite-element method with an arbitrarily oriented finite length dipole source
Poster 261N 3.2 Mao, L., Wang, X., He, Z. 3D EM responses of a vertical alternating current source in borehole
Poster 221L 3.2 Moghadas, D., Engels, M., Schwalenberg, K. Systematic multi-dimensional modeling and 1D inversion analysis of time-domain marine controlled source electromagnetic data
Poster 004A 3.1 Mogilatov, V., Goldman, M., Persova, M., Soloveichik, Yu. The influence of displacement currents on unimodal TE, TM and multimodal TE-TM fields
Poster 010A 3.1 Mogilatov, V. The influence of geomagnetic field on transient processes in the Earth
Poster 233M 3.2 Pan, K.J., Tang, J.T. Three dimensional direct current resistivity modelling by extrapolation cascadic multigrid method
Poster 225L 3.2 Ren, Z.Y., Tang, J.T. A goal-oriented adaptive finite-element approach for multi-electrode resistivity system
Poster 303Q 3.2 Sarakorn, W., Siripunvaraporn, W. Solving 2-D Magnetotelluric forward modeling using finite element method with unstructured quadrilateral mesh
Poster 278O 3.2 Sun, H., Li, S., Li, X., Lu, X., Qi, Z. Full waveform modeling of time domain electromagnetic in three dimensions
Poster 235M 3.2 Tang, J., Yuan, Y. MT2DFWD-A program in FORTRAN for finite element modeling of magnetotelluric TE/TM mode responses over 2D earth
Poster 036B 3.1 Trofimov, I.L., Kruglyakov, M.S., Korotaev, S.M., Orekhova, D.A., Popova, I.V., Shneyer, V.S., Scshors, Y.G., Zhdanov, M.S. A novel approach to asynchronous MVP data interpretation based on elliptical-vectors
Poster 002A 3.1 Tzanis, A. The characteristic states of the magnetotelluric impedance tensor for general conductivity distributions II: Analytic properties and utility
Poster 273N 3.2 Wan, W., Tang, X. Comparing with various definition methods of the apparent resistivity in horizontal electric dipole frequency sounding
Poster 280O 3.2 Willkommen, G., Ritter, O. CSEM forward modelling study to examine EM field behaviour and optimize land-based field configurations
Poster 020B 3.1 Zorin, N., Alekseev, D. On violation of dispersion relations: a method of MT phase correction
Oral 3.1 Swidinsky, A., Li, Y., Edwards, R.N. Imaging charge distributions from transient electromagnetic surveys
Oral 3.1 Tzanis, A. The characteristic states of the magnetotelluric impedance tensor for general earth conductivity distributions I: construction
Oral 3.1 Rung-Arunwan, T., Siripunvaraporn, W., Utada, H. A method to recover the background structure through the rotational invariants
Poster 163J 6.1 Alekseev, D., Kuvshinov, A., Palshin, N. Compilation of 3-D global conductivity model of the Earth for space weather and other applications
Poster 141I 1.3 Becken, M. Robust processing of radio frequency magnetotelluric data
Poster 099H 1.3 Campanyà, J., Ledo, J., Queralt, P., Marcuello, A., Jones, A.G. ELICIT: Estimation of local transfer function by combining inter-station transfer functions
Poster 103H 1.3 Chave, AD A maximum likelihood estimator for magnetotelluric data
Poster 145I 1.3 Chen, J., Jegen-Kulcsar, M. Magnetotelluric Study at Tristan da Cunha Hotspot
Poster 085G 1.3 Epishkin, D. Advances in remote reference data processing: using remote electric channels
Poster 127I 1.3 Ernst, T., Slezak, K. The external part of the vertical geomagnetic field as the main criterion for data selection to estimate the reliable long-period geomagnetic and MT transfer functions
Poster 113H 1.3 Escalas, M., Romano, G., Queralt, P., Siniscalchi, A., Balasco, M., Ledo, J., Marcuello, A. Identification of cultural noise sources and geomagnetic signals in magnetotelluric data, from the polarization analysis of the MT time-series in the time-frequency domain
Poster 115H 1.3 Hering, P., Junge, A., Löwer, An., Löwer, A. Audiomagnetotelluric data analysis: elimination of high-frequency noise in AMT- time series
Poster 167J 6.2 Heyner, D., Liebert, E. The induced magnetic field at planet mercury
Poster 089G 1.3 Korepanov, V., Ladanivskyy, B., Leonov, S. New user-friendly program for field data processing
Poster 045C 1.2 Kozhevnikov, N., Helwig, S. Very early time response of an ungronded horizontal loop: theory and experiment
Poster 117H 1.3 Krieger, L., Peacock, J., Kirkby, A., Thiel, S., Didana, Y., Inverarity, K., Soeffky, P., Robertson, K., Rees, N., Conway, D., MacFarlane, J. MTpy - Python tools for magnetotelluric data processing and analysis
Poster 143I 1.3 Larnier, H., Sailhac, P., Chambodut, A. Induction of geomagnetic pulsations characterized by continuous wavelet transform
Poster 073F 1.2 Lemperger, I., Wesztergom, V., Menvielle, M., Szarka L., Bencze, P., Novak, A., Szendroi, J., Kis, A., Lethy, A. Theoretical electromagnetic impedance as function of ionospheric pulsation source geometry
Poster 165J 6.1 Lemperger, I., Wesztergom, V., Menvielle, M., Szarka, L., Bencze, P., Novak, A., Szendroi, J., Kis, Á., Lethy, A. Modulation of the surface impedance: effect of geomagnetic activity
Poster 061D 1.2 Lindau, T., Becken, M. Impressed pipeline currents for EM exploration
Poster 151J 6.1 Maksimov, M., Velimsky, J. Ocean effect correction in global inversion of geomagnetic observatory data
Poster 101H 1.3 Mardomi, H.,Moorkamp, M., Meshinchi M.S., Siahkoohi, H.R. Colored noise removing from time series
Poster 059D 1.2 Minami, T., Toh, H. Electromagnetic fields induced by first arrivals of tsunamis
Poster 149J 1.3 Nair, M., Narayanan, M., Schnepf, N., Chulliat, A, Larsen. J. Signal-noise separation for magnetic monitoring of tsunamis
Poster 081F 1.3 Neukirch, M., Galiana, S. , Garcia, X. Non-Stationary, broadband waveforms for CSEM — An analysis with synthetic 2D data
Poster 147J 1.3 Nzumotcha Tchoumkam, L.A., Giroux, B., Chouteau, M. Predictive deconvolution applied to denoise magnetotelluric data
Poster 083F 1.3 Platz, A., Weckmann, U. Combination of a multiple-station approach for magnetotelluric data processing with a multivariate robust estimation
Poster 161J 6.1 Püthe, C., Kuvshinov, A., Olsen, N., Sabaka, T. Sensing the deep Earth: A 3-D image of mantle conductivity, obtained from satellite and observatory data with the Q-matrix approach
Poster 043C 1.2 Rulff, P., Weckmann, U., Platz , A., Muñoz, G., Klose, R., Ritter, O. High frequency and broad band remote reference station in northeastern Germany: conception and application
Poster 075F 1.2 Schennen, S., Ritter, O. High frequency MT data: understanding the “dead band” between 1 and 4 kHz
Poster 051D 1.2 Scheunert, M., Börner, R.-U., Siemon, B. Electromagnetic fields of a vertical magnetic dipole above and within a horizontal stratified earth in due consideration of the electrical permittivity
Poster 053D 1.2 Schultz, A., Cosgrove, R., Bowles-Martinez, E. Joint imaging of crust-mantle electrical conductivity structure and ionospheric currents in the interior of Alaska
Poster 177K 6.2 Skalsky, A., Klimov, S., Sokolova, E., Popova, I., Pokhotelov, O., Egorov, I., Korepanov, V. Magnetic measurements at the ExoMars landing platform
Poster 087G 1.3 Tang, J., Zhou, C., Yuan, Y. Characteristic and Rhoplus correction of audio-frequency magnetotelluric dead band data in middle-lower Yangtze River Reaches
Poster 175K 6.2 Toh, H., Kumamoto, A. Waveform analysis of reflected echoes of lunar radar sounder onboard the KAGUYA spacecraft
Poster 131I 1.3 van Leeuwen, W.A., Becken, M., Schotting, R. Magnetotelluric exploration of a geothermal prospect in Western Turkey: data processing
Poster 153J 6.1 Velímský, J., Koyama, T., Shimizu, H., Püthe, C., Kuvshinov, A., Kelbert, A., Tarits, P. A global 3-D EM induction inversion benchmark
Poster 129I 1.3 Xiaobin, C., Juntao, C., Lifeng, W., Tao, Y. Statistical image method based on multi-site, multi-frequency tensor decomposition for MT impedance tensor
Poster 041C 1.2 Yegorov, I.V., Palshin, N.A. Electric field at the bottom generated by surface waves
Oral 6.1 Chave, A.D., Egbert, G.D., Kelbert, A., Erofeeva, S. Mid-mantle Electrical Conductivity Estimation Using the Ocean Tides as a Source
Oral 6.1 Kelbert, A., Egbert G.D., Sun, J. Effect of the source approximation on the electrical conductivity model in global electromagnetics
Oral 6.1 Velímský, J., Püthe, C., Olsen, N., Sabaka, T.J. Global inversion of the CM5 dataset by the 3-D time-domain approach
Oral 4.1 Hu, X., Xu, S., Peng, R. 3-D imaging of conductivity distribution beneath Guangdong Xinzhou geothermal field (China)
Oral 4.5 Börner, J.H., Wang, F., Weißflog, J., Spitzer, K. 3D monitoring of a fluid-filled reservoir using CSEM, BTEM and DC geoelectrics - A multi-method virtual EM experiment
Oral 4.2 Wang, S., Bastani, M., Malehmir, A. Integrated use of radio-magnetotelluric and high-resolution reflection seismic data to delineate near surface structures – two case studies from Sweden
Poster 062D 4.1 Amatyakul, P., Rung-arunwan, T., Siripunvaraporn, W. Magnetotelluric surveys for geothermal exploration in Northern Thailand
Poster 104H 4.1 Beka, T.I., Smirnov, M. Magnetotelluric imaging on Svalbard: fitting data having anisotropic behaviour with 3D inversion
Poster 060D 4.1 Blake, S., Jones, A.G., Henry, T., Kalscheuer, T., IRETHERM Team A multi-disciplinary investigation of Irish warm springs and their potential for geothermal energy provision
Poster 112H 4.2 Chandrasekhar, E., Ramesh, D. Identification of salt water intrusion in coastal aquifers using multi-electrode Resistivity Imaging technique
Poster 130I 4.2 Chen, B., Hu, X. 2D-inversion of Magnetic Resonance Sounding with complex data
Poster 082F 4.1 Coppo, N., Hautot, S., Wawrzyniak, P., Baltassat, J.-M., Girard, J.-F., Tarits, P., Martelet, G. 3D magnetotelluric inversion with coast effect modeling to assess the geothermal potential of Anses d’Arlet (Martinique, Lesser Antilles)
Poster 126I 4.2 Cortés-Arroyo, O.J., Romo-Jones, J.M., Gómez-Treviño, E., Brassea-Ochoa, J.M. Continuous electromagnetic monitoring in the Mexicali rift zone, Mexico
Poster 132I 4.2 Da Costa e Silva, L.M. Natural disasters in the Amazon: how can geophysics contribute?
Poster 074F 4.1 Delhaye, R., Jones, A.G., Brown, C., Reay, D., Smyth, A., IRETHERM team New developments in Magnetotelluric modelling of the Rathlin Basin
Poster 076F 4.1 Didana, Y.L., Thiel S., Heinson G. Magnetotelluric imaging at Tendaho high temperature geothermal field in North East Ethiopia
Poster 144I 4.2 El-Qady, G.,Elwaseif, M., Metwaly, M., Khozaym, A. Imaging pipelines in resistive environments using Frequency Domain Electromagnetic method
Poster 088G 4.1 Erdogan, E., Basokur, A., Bozkurt, E., Moorkamp, M., Avdeeva, A. Interpretation of Kemaliye geothermal field using 2D and 3D MT inversion
Poster 118H 4.2 Haroon, A., Tezkan, B., Goldman, M. Development of the Marine Circular Electric Dipole Method to investigate resistive groundwater bodies in shallow marine environments
Poster 102H 4.1 Lichoro, C. M. Comparison of 1-D, 2-D and 3-D inversion approaches of interpreting electromagnetic data for geothermal prospecting: a case study of Silali geothermal area
Poster 100H 4.1 Liddell, M.V., Unsworth, M. Characterization of upper crustal electrical anisotropy in Northern Alberta, Canada from magnetotelluric data: implications for geothermal development
Poster 054D 4.1 MacFarlane, J., Thiel, S., Peacock, J., Pek, J., Heinson, G. Anisotropic modelling of fracking fluids
Poster 140I 4.2 Mazzini Amaral C.N., Da Costa e Silva, L.M. Urban geophysics: investigating the collapse of street sections in Belém, Pará, Brazil
Poster 114H 4.2 Mekkawi, M., Ogawa, Y, Amatykul, P. , Arafa-Hemed, T., Atya, M.,Ragab, E. Detection of reservoir water at Kharga Oasis-Egypt, using three dimensional magnetotelluric modeling.
Poster 042C 4.1 Muñoz, G., Niasari, S.W., Muksin, U., Bauer, K., Nukman, M., Moeck, I., Ritter, O. Geophysical exploration of the Sipoholon geothermal field (Sumatra, Indonesia): a statistical approach to joint interpretation of electrical conductivity and seismic parameters
Poster 046C 4.1 Niasari, S. W., Muñoz, G., Ritter, O. Subsurface conductivity image from 3D MT inversion of the Sipoholon geothermal field, Indonesia
Poster 084F 4.1 Sailhac, S., Tartrat, T., Larnier, H., Schill, E. Preliminary results of MT monitoring following a stimulation experiment at Rittershoffen in Soultz geothermal area, France
Poster 098H 4.1 Schultz, A., Vincent, P., Urquhart, S., Beard, L., Hare, J., Rose, K., Bowles-Martinez, E. Novel use of 4D monitoring techniques at Newberry volcano enhanced geothermal system demonstrator site designed to improve reservoir longevity and productivity
Poster 128I 4.2 Siemon, B., Miensopust, M.P., Voß, W., Steuer, A., Bock, M., Ibs-von Seht, M., Meyer, U., Wiederhold, H. Airborne geophysical surveys at the coastal areas of Lower Saxony, Germany: from river Weser to Eastern Friesland
Poster 086G 4.1 Uchida, T., Sato, T., Takakura, S., Ueda, T., Abe, Y. Effect of the survey coverage to 3D MT inversion results: case study at the Yanaizu-Nishiyama geothermal field, northern Japan
Poster 116H 4.2 Ullmann, A., Kaiser, I., Günther, T., Steuer, A., Wiederhold, H. Geophysical investigation at the Elbe estuary as basis for hydrogeological modelling
Poster 090G 4.1 Vozar, J., Jones, A.G., Rath, V., Campanya, J., Blake, S., Delahye, R., Farrell, T., Pasquali, R., GT Energy, IRETHERM team IRETHERM: Geophysical modelling of the southern margin of the Dublin Basin
Poster 052D 4.1 Widarto, D.S., Atmojo, J.P., Kamah, M.Y., Silaban, M.S.L., Windarta, R., Ekoprasetyo, A.B., Purwantoro, T., Ahmad, A., Daud, Y., Grandis, H. Three-dimensional magnetotelluric resistivity imaging of the Gede-Pangrango volcanic complex in western Java, Indonesia, and its geothermal significance
Poster 142I 4.2 Zadorozhnaya, V.Y., Sainato, C.M., Losinno, B.N., Maré L.P., Chirenje, E., Marquez Molina, J.J. Evaluation of contamination at a feedlot in San Pedro, Argentina, by means of electromagnetic methods: new approach
Oral 4.3 Ermolin, E., Ingerov, O., Savichev, A. Gold exploration in Chukotka region by using audiomagnetotellurics
Oral 4.3 Hübert, J., Lee, B., Abbassi, B., Liu, L., Unsworth, M.J., Richards, J.P., Cheng, L.Z., Oldenburg, D. ZTEM and MT in mineral exploration - Examples from the Canadian Cordillera
Oral 4.4 Sherman, D., Constable, S. Magnetotelluric sounding used to characterize basin geometry offshore Uruguay as an aid to frontier exploration
Poster 169J 5.3 Abdel Zaher, M., Pirttijärvi, M., Korja, T. Geophysical studies of the Raahe-Ladoga wrench fault in Central Fennoscandia
Poster 123I 5.3 Adetunji, A., Ferguson, I., Jones, A. Re-analysis of MT responses from the Grenville Front, Canada: no evidence of electrical anisotropy in the lithospheric mantle
Poster 121I 5.3 Adetunji, A., Ferguson, I., Jones, A. Large scale resistivity structure of the Grenville Province lithosphere
Poster 111H 5.3 Barth, R., Weckmann, U. Electrical conductivity distribution within the central zone of the Damara Belt (Namibia): Three-dimensional or anisotropic?
Poster 133I 5.3 Bologna, M.S., Padilha, A.L., Vitorello, I., Pádua, M.B. A major tectonic boundary in South American Platform imaged by GDS and MT data
Poster 224L 2 R Bosch, D., Ledo, J., Queralt, P., Bellmunt, F., Marcuello, A. Core scale study of the CO2-brine-sandstone system with electrical resistivity tomography
Poster 173J 5.3 Boychenko, D., Pushkarev, P., Aleksanova, E., Kulikov, V., Lozovsky, I., Varentsov, I. 1D and 2D inversion of magnetotelluric data on the western slope of the Voronezh anteclise
Poster 222L 2 R Börner, J.H., Herdegen, V., Spitzer, K. The dissolution-induced electrical properties of the system CO2 / brine / rock at pressures up to 30 MPa and temperatures up to 80°C
Poster 107H 5.3 Campanyà, J., Ledo, J., Queralt, P., Marcuello, A., Muñoz, J.A., Liesa, M., Jones, A.G. Eastern boundary of the partial melting area associated with the Iberian Subducted Lower Crust (IBSLC): Constraints from three different MT tensor relationships
Poster 105H 5.3 Cembrowski, M., Junge, A., Löwer, A., Queralt, P., Ledo, J., Campanyà, J. Ocean, subduction, asthenosphere - A 3D modeling study of the Pyrenees
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Poster 014A 4.4 Rees, N., Krieger, L., Heinson, G. Magnetotelluric monitoring of coal seam gas depressurisation
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